Half-lifes and Decay Modes of Isotopes of Plutonium

Half-lifes of Isotopes of Plutonium

IsotopeHalf-life / Decay modeProduct
238Pu87.7 y / alpha decay234U
239Pu24 100 y / alpha decay235U
240Pu6 560 y / alpha decay236U
241Pu 14.3 y / beta decay241Am
242Pu 373 500 y / alpha decay238U
243Pu 4.96 d / beta decay243Am
244Pu 80 000 000 y / alpha decay240Pu
Half-life of plutonium isotopes.Half-lifes of isotopes of plutonium.Source: Java-based Nuclear Data Information SoftwareLibrary: The JEFF-3.1.1 Nuclear Data Library

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